My Music

By: Spatula Tzar

Spatula & Sickle

This is a small sample of my instrumental recordings.


This first series are short original tunes, which I intend to eventually turn into an entire musical. I always play worse when recording, so please listen to the composition, not the performance.

Next are a collection of songs from classic games. I consider video game music to be somewhat of a lost art. Few people realize how so many games had fantastic scores, even if they were rendered in low quality audio.

Here is the Sarabande from Barry Lyndon.


Here are some recordings of my marimba. Once again, I tend to favour video game music.

Piano/Marimba Duets

I play both the piano and the marimba, so why not play both at once? Here are some duets I recorded.

~~Spatula Tzar

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