By: Spatula Tzar

Spatula & Sickle

These are some of the pictures I took for my black and white photography class. Using my late grandfather's old Nikomat 35mm camera, I developed, printed, and scanned the photos myself. Click on the pictures for an enlargement.

Amber 1

My poor kitty Amber. She disappeared a few weeks after taking these pictures. This one was taken while she was sitting on a railing. I miss her...

Amber 2

One day I found her sitting on the driveway utterly infatuated with something in the bushes. Her stalking pose provided the perfect photo opportunity. I never did figure out what she was staring at.

Amber 3

Here she is again, lounging lazily on the pool deck. The sun falling through the gaps highlights her stripes perfectly.


My model, dressed in one of her classical garments. I gave this print a sepia tone by bleaching and dying it. The brown hue really creates a historic atmosphere.


This is my marimba. I used it for my final project: a series of pictures depicting the usage of wood. Needless to say, everyone was quite impressed.


While searching for my lost cat, I came across a pair of salamanders. They were so cute I just had to bring them inside to photograph them. They kept squirming in my hands, but were calm as soon as I set them down.


This is from a hiking trail, near a river. The contrast is pretty high, but I like the surreal texture it creates.

Developing film was fun, but it has been almost completely replaced by digital technology. With faster and cheaper processing, superior quality, and zero degradation, digital cameras are just plain better for my purposes.

~~Spatula Tzar

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